Author's Declaration

At no time during the registration for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy has the author been registered for any other University award without prior agreement of the Graduate Sub-Committee.


Work submitted for this research degree at the Plymouth University has not formed part of any other degree either at Plymouth University or at another establishment.


A programme of advanced study was undertaken, which included composite sessions of the Planetary Collegium, courses attended, relevant academic publications, conferences and lectures, grants and awards, exhibitions, affiliations, interactive and instructional environments, and courses taught are detailed in Appendix 1.


Relevant creative projects and list of references are respectively presented in appendixes 2 and 3. Complementary information can also be found online at


Word count of main body of thesis: 62,636.





Signed: Claudia Ferreira Jacques de Moraes Cardoso

Date: May 5, 2018


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